A Partial (And Incomplete, As Am I) Guide To Pronouns

A few people asked that I go ahead and write about my preferred pronouns, so here’s how I, personally, use and conjugate gender-neutral pronouns.

Keep in mind that I’ve learned to do this by reading other blogs and literature, and that I don’t think I’ve actually ever been taught. I may have seen one guide but it ended up confusing me (I’m kinda slow… I can admit it) so if I’m confusing at all, or if I get it wrong– please don’t hesitate to either ignore or correct me.

Okay, without further ado:

1. Instead of HE or SHE, use SIE or ZE.

I prefer ZE but I see SIE written more often, so I’m trying to get comfortable writing that. Either way, it’s pronounced tse.

2. Instead of HIS or HERS, use HIR’S or ZIR’S.

Again, I prefer ZIRS but I see HIRS more often. HIRS is pronounced with the “i” pronounced like a long “e.”

3. Instead of HIM or HER, use HIR or ZIR.

I prefer the zir forms because they feel less like sloppy spellings of feminine pronouns to me, but either work when spoken rather than written.

So, to give you some examples.

Khai is a genderqueer/androgyne poet. Sie writes poetry like ze’s breathing. Zir’s dream is to support zirself on the power of hir pen alone, but sie would like to brag because after five months of being completely disabled, sie is finally able to go back to work and has procured zirself gainful employment, which will start April 3rd.

Does that help at all?


2 thoughts on “A Partial (And Incomplete, As Am I) Guide To Pronouns

  1. Interesting. I’m not much for the binary but I still haven’t found that fits me the way I like. So I guess I just keep going. Thank you for sharing!

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